Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Myth Busting Tuesday: Grazing is good.

Is eating 5 small meals a day versus eating few meals a day ideal for fat loss?

You may have read that eating small and frequent meals help you lose weight as you're continuously stimulating your metabolism, and thus burning more calories. Well, this is a clear example of ' not all you read on the internet is true' and sometimes, information available so freely, can be very misleading, if not understood in its entirety.

Some experts say that eating five small meals when you're trying to lose weight may help keep you from feeling deprived or overly hungry. However, eating multiple meals doesn't necessarily lead to more weight loss.
When you have three, well-balanced meals a day, it becomes easier to ensure that each time you're eating, you're consuming the appropriate combination of macro nutrients like healthy proteins, fats, and carbs.
Studies have shown that many people don't feel satiated following a small meal, which can then cause them to overeat later, to make up for it. Eating every four hours stabilizes your blood sugar, optimizes insulin production and generally keeps your hunger in check.
More importantly, if you choose to eat 5 meals a day, making sure they are well balanced meals each time, is a chore. This could result in snacking on convenience foods, with hidden calories and misguided labels.

Verdict: Eating three balanced meals, spaced out every four hours each day (with a snack between lunch and dinner) is a sure way to reach your health goals. Your body will use your energy stores and burn fat!

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