Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Dubai Ramadan Lifestyle

The UAE is a traveler's paradox. Surrounded by the sea and the sand, Dubai is an oasis in between, with gold flakes on everything. The grandeur in not only limited to the architecture, but also the food. 

Lavish tents, iftaars and delicious buffets line the holy month of Ramadan, and eating healthy, generally takes a back seat. That being said, one does not need to thwart their tummies. Eating in any social settings can be enjoyed, keeping these handy tips in mind:

Small portions- Amir al din- Smoking apricot, coconut, almond, praline chocolate (Al Serkal Av.)

While choosing to eat out, always prefer an √† la carte. It’s definitely a better option compared to having a set menu or buffet, where one needs a lot of self-control.

Choose your drinks wisely. It’s easy to gulp down calories, without a second thought, as drinks served are usually loaded with sugar. Water is the best bet, but if you must, go for fresh juices without added sugars, or lemon and mint coolers, and insist the sugar syrups be on the side.

Healthy Oriental Kinza, Kamila's crush, badra drinks at Al serkal Avenue
In a buffet, if indulging is a strong temptation, sticking to grills can be a safe alternative, than going all out on deep fried starters.  

Healthy grills, shawermas, and baba ghanouj at Asateer, Atlantis.
Another trick is using small plates, so there is no place to pile the food on.
Kunafa- traditional arabic sweets, with cheese centers
Keeping the trend on fleek, yours truly was at #thisisnotabuffet (Al serkal avenue) Absolutebarbeques  (Deira) and  Asateer, (Atlantis, the Palm) trying their tandoors and barbeques, arabic drinks and desserts, and enjoyed the gourmet offerings, while keeping the guilt at bay. Why? Because, well, it’s the holy month and tomorrow is a new day :)

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