Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Continue your physical journey, post Ramadan.

The holy month is a great spiritual journey and helps one embark on a holistic physical journey as well. The Suhoor prepares the body to face the day, while the Iftaar replenishes the body for prayers through the night.

Now that Ramadan is over, the healthy habits formed during the month, are generally lost by most. Most of the clients I counsel complain of 'eating sickness', (that feeling of uneasiness after most meals), once they resume normal eating patters,  I am entailing a few to follow, to stay on the healthy path, keeping illness and discomfort at bay.

Breakfast is a must: Now that we have our lazy bones have kicked in, its easy to fall in the 'no time for breakfast' pitfall. However, it is imperative to continue fueling the body, with wholesome foods and break the 8-10 hour fast. Keeping it simple, it key here. Try the recipes from here today.

Eat in moderation: Studies show that keeping an intermittent fast (between meals) helps stabilize our blood sugars. But now that we have access to food at our liberty, most of us lose self control and discipline. We tend to go overboard and indulge, much at the expense of our digestion. 
Eating slowly, and chewing the morsels can help slowing down the speed of our meal, keeping portions in check.

Drink, drink, drink: Did you know, most commonly, we mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure you hydrate and sip on fluids throughout the day.

You gotta move it, move it: Yes, you do. No more 'fasting, hence, tired' excuse. Trainers normally up the ante, post Ramadan, and reaching 10,000 steps a day, should not be difficult. Remember, we can eat and hydrate as per our wish, so moving around should be on the wish list, too.

Don't ditch the good path, stay on track with these tips and continue your physical journey to good health, wellness and fitness.

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