Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I generally scroll my Facebook feed  to find amazing claims like "Eat this and lose all the belly fat" , "Drink this and clear your acne in 5 days" , "Celebrity lost xx kgs by just doing this". 

Do you see them too?

Some of them are so MAGICAL, I feel complied to check them out, only to find that such claims are either click baits <know more about that here> or cooked up theories, based on hear-say. Some of them are so far from the truth, that if followed to the 'T', can be dangerous and cause serious implications. 

To my surprise and concern, these feeds are doing well, with so many followers, all looking for a quick fix, a simple method, a sure shot way, to look great and get fit.

If you are still reading my post, I'm sure you must be looking for the advice that will help you TRANSFORM, forever.

Read on, and find out.
After working hard to get a post degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and practicing the same for over 6 years, counselling clients from different countries, I can safely say this: 'there is no magic pill, no super-drink, and no herbal tea' that will help you achieve your desired goal- be it lose fat, just stay lean or bulk up. 

The reason we spend so much time trying to find a quick fix is that we feel we can out-do a bad diet. There is no way that the morning 'lemon and honey elixir' is going to help, if you have gulped down cola with last night's dinner. This is a fact. 

I feel the public, in general, has become gullible, thanks to the huge 'wellness industry'. Its like the the 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' effect- 'Celebrity X, lost xx kgs, post-baby, in record time', so all my expecting mothers want to lose pregnancy weight, asap, and it has now become a race. 
Another famous example is a popular film actor, putting on loads of body fat and lose it to single digits in record time, to morph into character and do his role in the best way. Wow! However, just the montage of weight loss was propagated, leaving the public clueless about how the team who made that happen was working non-stop, using every method possible, to make the transformation possible. 

Keeping the cliches aside, I want to share the most important tools to help you reach your health goal.

Determination, Dedication and Discipline, along with a Dietitian, who can show you the way, using your common sense, all along.

Issued in public interest, Shiren's Diet Diary.

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